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Otterbein, Indiana – Streets and Water

The Town of Otterbein, Indiana, has two parks; The Ron Thompson Park, located at the corner of Main Street and 2nd Street. The park was designed to give green space and a sitting area for residents to gather. It sits on the lot where Denny’s Pharmacy resided until a fire destroyed it in 2007. Ron Thompson proudly served the Otterbein Community as the Pharmacist for 46 years. The other park sits at the corner of Brown Street and 5th Street, under the Water Tower. The park includes a playground, basketball court, tennis court and a newly added horse shoe pit. There is an enclosed shelter that’s available for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, reunions and any other special occasion. Stop at the Town Hall to reserve to reserve the shelter.

A few tips from the town

1. Do you feel your water consumption is rising? Check your toilet for a leak. Take something with color such as Kool-Aid, tea, coffee, pour it in the tank of your toilet, wait a few minutes, if the color appears in the bowl of your toilet, you have a leak. Often times toilet leaks go undetected, but just a small leak can add up considerably on your monthly water bill.

2. When winter approaches remember to disconnect your garden hose and drain your outside faucet. Frozen and busted outside faucets can cause big leaks, so be sure to winterize around your house. Trailer owners also need to make sure your skirting is complete to help keep pipes from freezing.

3. Be respectful to children who walk to & from school. When it snows, please keep your sidewalk clear so children can walk safely back and forth to school.

4. Please note that Main Street and Oxford Street is the snow route. If we receive 2 or more inches of snow residents in these areas need to find somewhere else to park so that the snow plow can keep the snow route open.