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Trash Pick Up Information

Trash is picked up every Wednesday by a contracted trash hauler. The fee for this is a pass-along fee billed on your water and wastewater bill which you receive from the Town. Curbside recycling is scheduled for every other Wednesday. Current Trash Schedule.

Basic Procedures:

1. On the night before trash (blue lid can) day, please place your cart within 4 feet of the roadway.

2. Please be sure there is at least 3 feet of clearance between your cart and any other object, i.e. mailboxes, trees, vehicles, guide wires etc.
3. Please do not overload your trash cart. Loose trash on top of a cart will always end up on the ground as it falls down the side of the truck while the cart is being emptied.
4. Place the cart at the curb with the arrows on the lid pointing to the street. Should your cart not have arrows, the wheels should be away from the street. This will prohibit damage to your lid as well as leave your lid shut after emptying.
5. On the weeks that recycling (green lid can) is also picked up, the truck will come to town that morning, run the route to pick up the recycling or trash, take it to the transfer station, return to town and run the rest of the route. Please keep in mind that on those days, it may be into the early evening before your trash is picked up.
6. The Blue lid can is for trash. The Green lid can is for recycles. If you place the recycle can (green lid) out, on a non-recycle Wednesday, they will not empty it.

For items that are too large to fit in a trash cart such as a stove, couch, washer, dryer etc. these items should be placed outside the cart and call Republic Services office 24 hours before your pick-up day. They will send a different style of truck for large items. Extra fees may apply. Pick up of these items may not be on your same service day.

Please direct any further trash/recycling questions to Republic Services, INC. Their office is available to you Monday thru Friday 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. @765-477-9138.